The photocollective is a collective initiative by and for various photography amateurs and professionals to meet, share and work together. Here are the current shortcuts for those who participated in the collective photo reunions:

current links for:

Reykjavik, Iceland : event page (on Facebook) - photos (on Flickr)
Geneva, Switzerland : group page (on Glocals) - photos (on Flickr)

upcoming reunions:

Geneva Thursday 24th of November 2015 18h30
Thanks to the venues who already have hosted our reunions once or more:
  • l'Etabli
  • la Ferblanterie
  • 0000 multimedia art space
  • l'Ethno
  • salle du Terreau
  • brasserie des Halles de l'Ile
  • Fenomeno bar
  • les Voisins

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